This cream cleanser is ideal for all skin types, in particular, combination and unbalanced conditions.

Gentle, yet purifying formulation. Ideal for stressed skin that has become blemished, unpredictable and tired-looking.

Use as part of a total detox regime.

Use morning and night. 
Apply a generous amount onto face and neck area. 


This product contains active ingredients:Vitamin A - A powerful antioxidant that helps balance the skin and increase skin elasticity.Alp Rose Stem Cell Extract - Protects skin stem cells from harsh environmental stresses such as the cold, UV and dryness. Helps to increase skin stem cell vitality.Lotus Flower Liposome Complex - Helps strengthen the skin barrier and lock in moisture.Green Tea Extract - Reputed to have anti ageing and rejuvenating properties.Ginkgo Biloba - Has powerful anti-oxidants that counter the effects of free radicals that are believed to be the cause of premature ageing.EPT (Enhanced Penetration Technology) - Helps to enhance permeation: ensuring bioavailibility of actives. Developed to enhance and ensure the efficacy of active ingredients.
Massage in using gentle, circular motion. 
Remove with warm water and LA CLINICA facial cloth. 
Repeat until skin is thoroughly cleansed. 


  • Suitable for all skin types...Rebalances & Detoxifies combination skin enhanced with Lotus Flower liposome triceptides, Green Tea Extract, a synergestic blend of herbal extracts and plant essences to rebalance and sooth

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